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Waterjet Cutting 30mm Thick Rubber

Normally, we’re a sheet metal works! Cutting specifically metals. However occasionally, when you have a waterjet in house. You get asked to cut something a bit different.

4 meter long strips out of 30mm thick black rubber we cut for a customer of ours, Aquaseal Rubber Ltd in Longbenton. As you can see in the photos below, it makes a bit of a mess! It requires the water to be changed immediately afterwards or the rubber will create a skin on the surface (which will then be all over everyone elses parts!), but the cut quality is outstanding and not achievable with any tool other than the waterjet.

These are with our customer now being manufactured into door seals for the maritime industry. Require something similar? For RFQs e-mail sales@unicornsheetmetal.com and for general enquiries e-mail help@unicornsheetmetal.com


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