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Steel Concrete Moulds for Beamish Museum

Every person who went to school in north-east England will have been on an almost identical school trip to Beamish victorian museum. So, when we recieved a PO from one of our better customers with “Beamish Museum” followed by an order number, we were naturally curious!

The parts pictured below are 3mm thick steel liners, cover plates and end plates produced for Willowcrete Manufacturing Ltd in Sunderland. Willowcrete weld these together in-house to produce steel concrete moulds to make new steps at Beamish.

We started by laser cutting the liners from 3mm thick s275 grade steel, we then folded the steel to suit the customers drawings and to fit inside the end plate. These particular parts had a 15mm bend radius on one side, and a minimal radius on the other. So we had to change tools a couple of times, but we got the job done!

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