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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Steel platform, fabrication, structural metalwork, welded beams and panelsUnicorn Sheet Metal Works has been operating for 35 years as fabricators and welders and offer you their vast bank of knowledge on fabrication projects large and small.

Fabrication Equipment

With an extensive range of machinery and equipment in-house, we take on almost all aspects of metalwork such as welding, bending, folding, rolling, drilling, tapping, guillotining and profiling.

We have 3m long Bystronic press brake that bends 6mm thick steel up to 3 metres long and is capable of bending thicker metals in shorter lengths.

Our powered rolls can roll 6mm thick steel up to 2.6 metres in length and thicker materials in shorter lengths.

We have a mag drill and tapping arm in-house and can apply threads from m3 right the way up to m24. So whether you’re needing a robotic component, or a base plate for a bridge! We can facilitate.

High Level Welding Expertise

Unicorn are British Standard Coded welders. In 2012 Unicorn introduced a new welding procedure to enable us to meet BS EN ISO 15614 – 1;2004 + A2:22012, enabling us to broaden the scope of our engineering fabrication work.

Fabrication Projects

Fabrication projects we have undertaken include:

  • Aluminium oil rig gangways complete with stair treads and supports
  • 10mm thick steel stair treads bent up to 90 degrees for apartments in Newcastle
  • Decorative Aluminium and steel balustrades for bridges and apartments in Newcastle
  • Structural steelwork and matching support plates for partners in construction
  • Complex galvanized steel ventilation and ductwork for partners in the dust and fume extraction industry
  • Dust collection units also for use in the dust and fume extraction industry
  • Sensor holders for fingerprint scanners, bent up and counter sunk to extremely high tolerance
  • Hardened steel plates for armoured vehicles, tanks and minesweepers for partners in the defence industry
  • Decorative aluminium lettering for a bakery chain

Steel platform, fabrication, structural metalwork, welded beams and panels

Fabrication is another area we excel in.

Our in-house engineers have detailed knowledge of how to transform sheet metal into the metal-fabricated products we use in our daily lives every day.

We have up-to-date knowledge of welding, folding, bending, drilling, tapping, guillotining, profiling, and bending.

That means we can cater to your metalwork needs, no matter how small or large the project is.

So, why not request a quote today if you would like to work with us?

View our gallery of fabrication projects here.

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