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Here at Unicorn our waterjet is cutting aluminium pretty much all day, everyday! Of course, it still makes an excellent finish with no HAZ (heat affected zone) in steel, stainless steel and almost anything else you can think of. However, it’s time consuming cutting hard materials like steel and stainless (and therefore, expensive!).

Aluminium being softer and more malleable whilst also melting away easier makes it a perfect candidate for cold cutting.The waterjet goes through it like a hot knife through butter, also providing an almost perfect finish with little to no burr needing removed after. Take a look at a post from a couple of weeks back where we cut some 2 inch thick aluminium hooks for a company producing off-shore gangways.

This is reflected in our prices on our online quote page too, if we can cut it quicker, you can have it cheaper! Take a look at a price test done below using 5mm thick 6082 grade aluminium, it’s the exact same dxf used for both lines but one is waterjet cut and one is laser cut. The waterjet cut parts come out a whole £50 cheaper for a quantity of 10!




GOT A DXF? GET A QUOTE HERE –> https://quote.unicornlasercutting.co.uk/web/

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