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Online Quote Page Improvements

We’re currently working on some exciting new features for our online quote page. Prepare to order your laser and waterjet cut parts on your phones and tablets!

Currently, our online quote page is only compatible with laptops and desktops. This was because we believed a mobile version wasn’t necessary, because customers normally wouldn’t store the dxf format drawings used to get an instant quote on their tablets or phones.

But, as we’ve begun to add simple shapes (square / rectangle, circle and triangle already available, more en route!) that don’t require a dxf for ordering, we thought adapting it for mobiles and tablets would be a logical next step. This way you’ll be able to order simple laser or waterjet cut shapes with threads and countersinks on your mobile, without needing an AutoCAD drawing at all!

If any of our customers have specific requests or ways we could improve our system, let us know while we’re programming improvements in! Either fill in the contact form below or e-mail help@unicornsheetmetal.com

We appreciate ALL of your feedback, as it helps us tailor the quotation experience for yourselves and other future customers 🙂


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