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Metal FabricationAs of last week we launched our online quotation system which you can use to order laser and waterjet cut parts, seamlessly and instantly to anywhere in the UK!

How it works 

A computerized algorithm works out how much material will be needed, how long it will take, and how much the job will cost us based on your drawing. It will then give you the best possible price instantly, and you can order on the spot to anywhere in the United Kingdom.

How to use it

The first step to getting ordering is registering an account, we require no payment details to register and take online payments through PayPal. The only thing you’ll need is your name, address, company name, phone number and e-mail. We don’t pass your details on to any third parties either.

Once you’ve submitted a request for an account you’ll be e-mailed a password that will enable you to log in on our website. Once you’re registered the easiest way to order is if you have a DXF or a DWG format drawing, our machines will be able to read these drawings and put them straight into production for you exactly as you’ve drawn them.

If you have a drawing in this format but are getting fault messages when trying to load them into your quote, try using the “drawing doctor” feature. This is a tool that can be implemented to find out where the faults are in a drawing and suggest ways to fix them so our CNC machinery can read them. If you don’t have a drawing to hand at all there is drafting software on our system, to use it go to the “shapemate” drop down once logged in. There you’ll find a whole library of basic parts that you can alter dimensions on to suit your own requirements.

What to expect once you’ve ordered 

Metal FabricationOur standard turnaround for delivered jobs within the UK is 3-4 working days, the only instances where we’d require longer is if there’s 3 days or more in cutting time involved or if the material isn’t something we have in stock. If that’s the case you will be notified of this when you order.

Once you’ve ordered one of our members of staff will check the job and accept it, then it’s just a case of waiting for your order to arrive! Depending on the size and weight of your order it could be delivered in the post or on a pallet via courier service like either of the photos below. Please note the job packed into the box would have been packed with separators to stop your parts from being scratched or damaged.

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