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We’ve been working with software developers to bring our own online quotation system to customers for some time. Now, it’s finally live! Head to the “online quote” drop-down at the top or follow this link –> quote.unicornlasercutting.co.uk¬†— to get quoting. This post is a quick guide for the first-time customer on how to use it.


When you arrive on our online quote page you’ll be greeted by this page


Click the “Upload” button or drag-drop a file onto the button if you’re on a multi-screen setup. If you don’t have a dxf, we have simple shapes available for instant quoting. Select the desired shape from under the “Choose Shape” header, enter the dimensions requested, then click “Next”.




This is our material library, select the material, thickness, cut type¬† and quantity of parts that you require. If you haven’t made up your mind or you’re unsure, head to our “laser cutting” or “waterjet cutting” pages for more info. Our “gallery” will give you a few photos of the general cut quality that can be expected from either option. Once complete, hit the “Use this material” button and the item will be added to the basket.


Head back to basket after adding your item and you will see something like this. You can press the “add process” button below the part to add threads and countersinks to the holes of your part, or if you’re happy with your order. Hit either of the buttons on the right-hand side of the screen to advance to delivery / collection info and pay for your order. Easy!

If there’s anything unclear about how to use our system or if there is any kind of issue. Please e-mail help@unicornsheetmetal.com and we’ll be back to you within 24 hours.


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