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Online Aluminium Pricing

Last week we posted to warn our customers about the prices of stainless steel increasing on our online quotation page, this week. It’s the aluminium!

Due to the price of nickel rising months ago both aluminium and stainless steel have been creeping up in price to the point it’s at now, where we need to consider the price per sheet that we offer on these materials.

The price increase isn’t as drastic as the increase to stainless due to a lot less nickel being in the aluminium, but if any of our regular, repeat order customers notice their aluminium part being more expensive than last time. This is why!

We try to keep our prices as competitive as we can, always. So our rates for laser cutting and waterjet cutting remain the same as they have for a long time.

Follow this link to get an instant quote or contact us via e-mail on sales@unicornsheetmetal.com

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