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Laser Marking & Etching

Marking and etching of metals on a CNC laser cutter has always been a tricky art to master; but after 20+ years of running lasers here, we’ve got it perfected.

Having your laser power slightly too high can cause burning or even an accidental piercing of the material, having it too low can cause the etch not to hard to see or not visible at all.

Another mitigating factor in marking and etching is the age of the laser cutter in question. Our first laser purchased way back in 2004 was a C02 laser cutter, despite being revolutionary in their day. C02 lasers burn and mark the surfaces (especially of aluminium and stainless steel) of the material they are cutting more often than their newer, fiber laser descendants.

Our fiber laser allows us to etch almost any metal consistently and accurately, giving a high quality, attractive finish like in the photos and videos below.

Require laser cutting or etching? E-mail us on sales@unicornsheetmetal.com or follow this link to get an instant online quote.


Parts laser etched & cut from 5mm thick stainless.

Laser etched & cut steel parts.

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