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High Quality, Economic Laser Cutting

laser cut steel, galvanized steel signs, custom made signage

Interesting signage cut for an online customer from 2mm galvanized

In house we have a Trumpf Trumatic 3030 and a Trumpf Trumatic 3050. These are German produced laser machines capable of cutting steel up to 20mm in thickness and aluminium and stainless up to 12mm in thickness.

We’ve accumulated more than 15 years of knowledge in laser cutting and our skilled laser cutter operators ensure you get a quality cut, whatever the material.

Aluminium & Stainless Laser Cutting

It should be noted that aluminium and stainless 8mm thick and above will always need deburred after cutting and that in mild steel the quality of cut deteriorates from the 20mm limit.

Thicker aluminium and stainless and 20mm thick steel we would usually cut on the water jet.

DXF and DWG Format Drawings

We use AutoCAD and Radan to maximise material usage and guarantee as many units as possible will be cut from a single sheet. If you have drawings in DXF or DWG format our software can take your drawings and put them straight into production. Follow this link to get a quote online.

Laser Cutting Applications

We laser cut components for a wide range of applications. These include:

  • Complete automotive engine fan assemblies.
  • Galvanized ducts and vent.
  • Seating clips and feet for automotive industry.
  • Automotive engine carrier components.
  • Transport stillage components.
  • Armour plated vehicle parts.
  • Carpet weaving machinery parts.
  • Tool making components.
  • Signs and lettering.
  • Sensor Holders and frames for Fingerprint Scanners and other technological applications.
laser cut, steel signage, custom made sign

Signage for school gates in Bamburgh cut from 5mm steel

Low cost, high quality aluminium & stainless steel, laser cut components. Online Quote.

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