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Laser Cutting & Its Limitations

Laser cutting is pretty much always the most precise and fastest (and therefore, the cheapest!) way to cut up your metal. However, there are a few exceptions!

In some instances engineers request a waterjet cut from us even when more expensive to prevent a HAZ (heat affected zone) on their parts, this is normally for people planning on post-process machining. The HAZ can cause material to burn away on thicker materials, causing a wider tolerance. A big no no for some engineers! Other times a HAZ can cause a laser cut edge to be harden and become more difficult to machine away after.

Downside of the waterjet, of course, is the price! It’s A LOT slower than laser cutting on every material other than aluminium 12mm+ in thickness.

Most of the time, there’s no need to deviate from the trusty laser anyways, especially when cutting steel and stainless steel! If you have a dxf, you can switch cut types whilst in the basket on our online quote page now, allowing you to seamlessly compare cut types. Take a look here –> quote.unicornlasercutting.co.uk  Make sure you read our Quality Assurance page first so you know what to expect from either machine!

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