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Instant Laser Quotes For Stainless & Aluminium 8mm+

Up until last week, our online quote page offered laser cutting quotes for aluminium and stainless up to 6mm in thickness. This is because our old c02 laser cutter tended to lack consistency in edge quality on non-ferrous materials 8mm+.

Cutting with our new fiber laser, that’s an issue of the past! Edge quality in aluminium and stainless up to 12mm is near perfect. Allowing us to include these thicknesses on the online quote page of our site.

With the laser cutting at nearly double the speed of the waterjet on some thicknesses of stainless steel, it’s easier to see why the quotes come out way cheaper!

Take a look below at how much could now be saved on a simple set of 100 gaskets when laser cutting them as opposed to waterjet cutting, over £200! Hit “online quote” at the top of the page or follow this link to get a quote now.




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