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Grey Street Gathering Refurbishment Part 1


Wayyyy back in 2018, we received an order from an architect acting on behalf of Newcastle city council. It was for some large metal planters situated on a pop-up communal area on Grey street in Newcastle city centre, take a look at them for yourself here –> https://www.getintonewcastle.co.uk/show-me-newcastle/geordie-jackpot-s-grey-street-gathering  . They kept us busy for a couple of weeks at the time and they’ve served Newcastle city centre every spring and summer since.


Fabricated from 2.5mm thick zintec, they’re pretty formidable and heavy. But after 5 years of being lumped in and out of storage every 6 months by fork trucks and cranes, they’ve accumulated a few bumps, marks and scratches and they need a bit of TLC. So we’ve got them back in the factory now, we’re going replace a few damaged bits. Knock and grind a few dents out, then we’re sending them up Howdon bank to Elite Powder Coatings for a fresh coat of paint.


See some pictures below of the planters as they’ve came back into the factory, updates to be posted on this one across the next few weeks!



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