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Galvanised Steel Grill Boxes

Pictures below show a set of 34 laser cut and fabricated galvanised steel grill boxes; this is 1 of 10 sets of 34 being delivered to Newcastle city centre every fortnight for 340 new student apartments currently being built.

Once installed, they’ll sit inside the walls of the building, letting fresh air into the apartments for it’s inhabitants.

When the CAD drafting and prototype phase was complete, we set about making the first set. We cut 34 of each item from 10 sheets of 0.7mm galvanised steel on our laser, then folded the seperate parts into shape on our press. After that, we assembled the folded parts, riveted and welded them together, and give them a bit of touching up before shipment (even though they’re being hidden inside a wall, we like our jobs to go out looking nice!).


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