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Unicorn Sheet Metal Works

Making metalwork

Engineering Fabrication Projects

Unicorn fabricate a wide variety of engineering requirements. In our extensive factory in Wallsend, Tyneside, we have the full range of equipment for sheet metal processing including folding, bending and tube rolling.

Marine Engineering Fabrications

For undersea oil and gas extraction we have made the decoiling umbilical units. This large, 3 cubic meter frame unit, complete with electrics, is used to lower the feed pipes to the sea bed

For our associated dust and fume extraction specialist contractors, Newgate Air Systems, we fabricate a high volume of stainless steel cubicles and structures.

Offshore Pipework Fabrication

Another offshore project involved us fabricating and rolling, large, heavy pipe sections. The pipework is required to carry away toxic fumes. The application is a highly critical one and the pipe welds had to be tested by an external body.

We also laser cut specialist plate for oil exploration equipment. This application requires work to very tight tolerances

Fabrication & Assembly

At Unicorn we can undertake much more than sheet metal laser cutting and fabrication. We can produce fully fabricated and assembled products.

A good example of our laser cutting and assembly capabilities is a large rolling machine for a cable manufacturer. We manufactured the components and assembled the final product.

Ductwork, Platforms & Acoustic Units

In a recent application for a coatings plant, we fabricated the ductwork to enable compliance with Health & Safety regs. Unicorn recently manufactured the extraction equipment for some welding bay facilities. We fabricated the steelwork, support frame, hopper, acoustic enclosure, noise reduction silencer and associated ductwork components.

Laser Cut Guards & Mountings

We regularly laser cut machine guards and mounting plates.
For one of our customers we laser cut and fabricate guards for the end of roller shafts.

Water Jet Cutting

For the pharmaceutical industry we water jet cut stainless steel flange ends for pipework.

For the aerospace sector we cut titanium profiles for components used in aircraft manufacture.

The defence industry takes water jet cut hardox, armour plating components for military vehicle and we also water jet cut brass fittings for ships. This process is also ideal for cutting wear-resistant steel.

We also cut by the water jet process structural steelwork, support plates and decorative aluminium fittings for the architectural and construction sector.

We weld to BS EN ISO 15614 – 1;2004 + A2:22012, allowing us to broaden the scope of our engineering fabrication work. We now weld to automotive and offshore standard.

Engineering Fabrication Enquiries

If you have an engineering fabrication enquiry that you would like to discuss please e mail details to sales@unicornlasercutting.co.uk.

Engineering Fabrications in Steel, Aluminium or other Metals. Bending, Folding, Laser Cutting, Pipe Welding, Mig or Tig Welding. Marine, Offshore & Automotive Standard Welding. Ducting, Vehicle Engine & Track Components. Water Jet Cut Architectural, Aerospace and Defence Industry Components.

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