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CNC Waterjet cutting & when to use it

The waterjet is a versatile tool that’ll cut through just about anything bar diamonds and bulletproof materials. Steel, aluminium, copper, brass, plastics and even ceramics and stone, you name it, it cuts it! Due to waterjets not using any heat when cutting, they are the only way to produce certain parts without any deformation or […]

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Laser Cutting Metal Art

Over the past few months we’ve been cutting some bespoke metal artwork on our laser for a company just across the Tyne from us, they take logos from pretty much anywhere and turns them into pieces of metallic art. How they’re made ;¬† This company uses our online quotation service to put AutoCAD drawings into […]

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Merry Christmas To All

It’s been a challenging year for everyone both personally and economically, but we believe 2021 will be a better year for and we can’t wait to carry on putting all your ideas into production. We wish all our customers and everyone reading this a Merry Christmas and a very prosperous new year, to you and […]

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Online Quotation System Part 2

Just over a month ago we launched an online self-quotation system to allow customers to order parts from the comfort of their offices & living rooms. We had a couple of issues with the registration system at first as when customers were registering an account, it was sending the account request to our spam e-mail […]

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5 Metre Dust Collector Platform Part 2

A couple of months back we posted about a platform we’d been making for a customer specializing in extraction and ventilation, the platform was made to go in a mineral processing plant and designed to hold a 16 cartridge dust collection unit on top of it, keeping it out of the way but providing easy […]

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Online Quotation System

  As of last week we launched our online quotation system which you can use to order laser and waterjet cut parts, seamlessly and instantly to anywhere in the UK! How it works¬†– A computerized algorithm works out how much material will be needed, how long it will take, and how much the job will […]

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Plastic Moulding Tools

In September we got a job to make two identical cooling guards for a customer in the automotive industry, we laser cut the framework and two pieces of perforated steel before welding the frame together and rolling up the piece of perforated steel to suit. When in action, car parts made of hot, flexible pieces […]

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5 Metre Dust Collector Platform

In August we got a job to produce a 5 metre high platform for a company planning on putting a dust collection unit on top of it. We started off by creating the platform from heavy channel sections cut and welded together, then cutting the floor from sheets of open mesh flooring. Once the platforms […]

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Dust Collection Unit

In July our biggest job was a dust collection unit made for a customer specializing in ventilation and extraction. We started by cutting all the panels from 3mm thick steel on our laser cutter, before they were bent up, welded, and sent to the painter. Once painted we assembled it and sealed all the corners […]

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Covid 19 Screen Floor Plates

Another one of our jobs last month. One of our customers was fitting covid 19 screens to seperate slot machines for a London casino, we were tasked with cutting 370 of these base plates from 6mm mild steel, fast! The most difficult part being the intricate slot pictured on the center photo. We were really […]

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