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A Way To Make Your Online Quotes Cheaper


We want you to get the best price possible when using our online quote system, here’s a way to to do that: 

When we were designing our self-quotation system, we programmed the system to figure out cut-times based on the number of piercings and lengths of the lines on your dxf. If you have dotted or dashed fold lines on your drawing, a border, or even just a piece of text indicating tolerances or threads / countersinks. This will increase the price as our app reads all lines as cut lines, clean your drawing of all lines not being laser or waterjet cut before uploading your drawing to achieve the lowest price possible!

See a screenshot of a price test where one part still has fold lines on, and the the other has them removed. The second item with no fold lines coming out almost £12 cheaper, for ONE item!


Our online system offers instant quotation for laser cutting, waterjet cutting, countersinking and tapping / threading. But we have all manner of fabrication services in house, this includes folding, rolling and welding! Feel free to use a flat-state dxf to figure out the prices for your cutting and material on the online quote. Then send us a drawing of the fabrication and welding work you require so we can manually quote it.

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