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24/7 Instant Online Laser Cutting Quotes

Need a laser cutting quote fast? Take a look at our online quote page and see if it can help out!

It gives you an on-the-spot quote and allows you to place online orders for both laser and waterjet cutting, hole threading and countersinking options included too. Serving the whole of the UK! Not just the mainland either, all off-shore postcodes included.

For dxf upload, start off by hitting the green button in the centre of the screen on our online quote page circled in the screenshot below. For simple shapes like squares or circles, select your shape from the area below that and enter dimensions; you will then skip the next part and automatically be taken to select your material.


Once you’ve chosen the dxf(s) you’d like to cut, they will appear in your basket with a thumbnail photo and dimensions, check the image looks correct and the dimensions match the desired outside dimensions of your part. Then hit the “material, thickness & quantity” button next to the thumbnail, this will prompt a popup for you to select your material spec, thickness, cut type (laser or waterjet) and quantity that looks like the image below:



Once you’ve selected your material, you’ll have a price next to your parts like the image below. If the price is right and you’d like to order, hit the “continue as guest” button circled in red to order instantly without registration.

Alternatively, if you thought it was a handy service and you’d like to register an account to keep track of your future orders, hit “login / signup” to register a free account 🙂


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