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High Precision Sheet Metal Laser Cutting & WaterjettingLaser Cutting Applications

Unicorn Sheet Metal are laser cutting and waterjet cutting specialists with a strong pedigree in sheet metal fabrication.

There are many advantages of laser cutting:-

Cost Benefits

Laser cutting components from metal plate as opposed to guillotining, milling, machining or other production methods has several cost benefits:-

• Laser cut components are produced at a much faster rate.
• Raw material costs are lower, especially so when employing a nesting programme as we do.
• The quality of a laser cut product as opposed to guillotining for example can be far superior. Warpage and variations in shape can make welding very difficult or even impossible –resulting in high reject rates.

Laser Cut Quality

Laser cut components can normally be cut to a far tighter tolerance. Not only does this result in lower rejection rates, it also means that the specification of the end product can be raised – whilst also reducing production cost.

Waterjet Cutting Benefits

Waterjet cutting is pre-eminent for the precision engineering of reflective metals such as stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, copper and brass. High quality waterjet cutting is so finely controlled that in many circumstances waterjet cutting can be quicker, cheaper and more efficient than laser cutting. Please see Waterjet Cutting page for details.

In-house bending and welding facilitiesLaser Cut Quality

Our background in sheet metal fabrication and the associated facilities within our plant put us in a very strong position regarding the after processing of our laser cut pieces.

Most laser cutting and waterjet cutting specialists need to sub contract out the laser or waterjet cut pieces for folding, bending or welding. We have all of these facilities in house – yielding benefits in terms of cost and lead times, which we pass on to our customers.

We utilise high capacity Trumpf Trumatic laser cutters and we laser cut parts from a very wide range of metals for numerous applications. Please visit Laser Cutting page for more details.

For enquiries or advice on any aspect of laser cutting any metal please call 0191 262 2882.

Unimatic Industrial Dust Extraction & Collection Units

We now manufacture a range of highly efficient dust extraction and collection units. Made to our unique specification our units are 100& British made and available ex-stock or on short turnaround times. See Unimatic Dust Extraction Units for more details.

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