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High Performance Standard or Bespoke Dust Collection Units

Unicorn Sheet Metal Works has developed a high quality range of dust extraction units. Unimatic Dust Collection Units provide a highly functional, competitively priced solution to the problem of dust extraction within the work place.

Dust extraction is a legal requirement within the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Employees and facility visitors should expect a safe working environment along with clean, breathable air.

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Fast Turn Around on Custom Designed Modular Dust Collectors

With our LEV systems, we have addressed a number of issues with our unique range of dust collectors, such as greater choice for the customer. A choice of standard or bespoke dust extraction units allows a fast and convenient outcome. Ensuring that the LEV dust collection units we offer, are designed to each customers exact specifications is a priority for us. We are pleased to work with Health & Safety Officers and also engineers, in creating a dust extraction and collection system that is ideal for your situation

Options include standard dust extraction units from stock with a typical 7-10 day delivery. Alternatively a bespoke LEV dust extraction unit can be ready in 4-6 weeks. We are proud of this fast turnaround time, as many other manufacturers quote up to 12 weeks.

British Made LEV Dust Collectors

Unimatic LEV dust extraction units are manufactured in Wallsend, Tyne & Wear. Components and filter cartridges are also British made also, and produced to exacting, reliable standards.

LEV Design & Manufacture - Bolted Assembly for High Performance

The Unimatic range of dust collection units are the product of many years experience, and are manufactured with exceptional attention to detail. They feature a modular construction, which delivers optimum versatility and adaptability, proving very useful especially where space is limited. Their bolted assembly means a variety of configuration possibilities using mild steel panels and trays.

The ground breaking Unimatic concept and streamlined design prevents any waste materials from becoming caught and accumulated on internal edges, ensuring a clear exit path. This has been a long standing issue in the past with other dust extraction units.

The Unimatic LEV system offers a range of pulse control options, for high performance and operational economy.

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Reverse Jet Compressed Air Dust Collection Units, Range of Accessories

Unimatic reverse jet compressed air dust collection units offer tailored solutions, and can fulfil a wide range of LEV specification requirements. Engineered by experts Unimatic units provide an efficient and cost effective, British made answer to dust extraction. The Unimatic website gives detailed information on every aspect of these dust collectors and you will also read about filter cartridges, extraction fans, flexible pulse control, performance criteria and available models.

Accessories include a selection of superior quality filter bags, gauges, inserts and cartridges, to suit your specific requirements.

High Performance Standard or Bespoke LEV Dust Collection Units. Fast Turn Around on Custom Designed Modular Dust Collectors. Design, Manufacture & Installation Featuring Bolted Assembly for Speed & Convenience. Reverse Jet Compressed Air Dust Extraction Units, Range of Accessories

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